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Please share your EQ Solutions testimonial with us by filling out this quick form. One name will be drawn on a quarterly basis and the winner will receive 1 foaming tool, and 1 100oz. Body Wash. Winner will be contacted via e-mail. Thank you for sharing your EQ experiences!

"We go to a lot of rodeos and some-times finding a place to give your horse a bath can be a challenge. Not only does EQ make it easy & fast, it works better than any product we have ever tried. Who said you have to use elbow grease to get your horse clean!"
--Tracy K. Pendleton, OR

"We wash our horses and cattle with EQ. It leaves them with shiny, healthy hair and less fungus problems."
--Devin C. Lebanon, IN

"We wash show cattle and steers. Works great! Saves lots of time!"
--Mary B. Manton, CA

"We raise show pigs and my kids show Beefmaster heifers. We use EQ Solutions on every animal in our barn! When we put our sows in the farrowing crates before farrowing we wash them with EQ. We don't have to scrub! This is the best product on the market. It makes the heifers hair shine. We also use this on the show pigs and it works great for them too. NO SCRUBBING!!"
--Janie H. Corrigan, TX

"I have never had better looking horses. They may NOT be show horses but they COULD be. They are so shiny!!! Thanks for a wonderful product!!!"
--Marti N. Casa Grande, AZ

"My horse has white socks that I have never been able to get completely clean. I would scrub and use everything I could think of to get that area clean and really white, but never could. I sprayed on EQ Solutions, waited a few minutes, and then to my thrill and amazement the black spots that have been there for over a year hosed off with water!!!! My horses white socks are white and beautiful now. He looks so good standing in the pasture and in the show arena!"
--Ruby G. Newnan, GA

"We use EQ on our Belgians, Clydesdales and Tennessee Walker. Their coats are clean and shiny. The manes and tales on the Belgians have never been so white and clean. The Clydesdale had large patches of scratches on all legs - the washing solution had these cleared up after a couple of washings and have kept the scratches away! Even during the winter mud cleaning was easy - just rinsing with water removed the mud from the feathers and coats."
--Will S. Penn Valley, CA

"We used to spend hours getting our white Percherons ready for weddings and other events. Now, with EQ Solu-tions cleaning them takes far less time, they are cleaner than ever--and look great taking pictures with all those brides. EQ saves us time, money, and has given us an advantage over our competition!"
--Michael P. Boonville, IN

"I watched this product get used for a few years and saw how well it worked on horses and how well it worked without drenching the bather. This year I finally thought it was time I started bathing my horses without getting myself soaked and it has worked great. I also got it for my truck and trailer. Cleaning that big trailer was so easy, I don't know why I wasted those years before trying EQ. Thanks so much"
--Meg H. Kanawha, IA

"I have a horse drawn carriage business and I am often bathing 3-5 horses per weekend. This product is wonderful. Not only does it save me a tremendous amount of time, but my gray horses are actually looking white and they stay clean through the week. Thank you for a great product!"
--Mary A. Springfield, OH

"EQ Solutions Body Wash has made my work a lot easier as I deal with a young stallion who is not real keen on being washed on his hind quarters and this is a great way for me to get him clean and shiny without getting kicked! It's a great product that leaves all my horses clean and shiny with a great coat"
--Dawn E. Port Orange, FL

"I absolutely can not live without my EQ Solutions! I use it all the time. My horses love being bathed in it and I love the results! My mares white legs look great after using the product. I also use my EQ Solutions for washing out my horse's water and feed buckets (even stalls for a detailed cleaning). My buckets look and smell brand new after using EQ Solutions! This is a product I have been using for about 5 years now and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks so much!"
--Rebecca P.S. Abingdon, VA

"I use nothing but EQ Solutions Body Wash on my Draft Horses. It is the greatest for cleaning hair coats, keeping bugs off and healing scratches."
--Judith D. Ormond Beach, FL

"I use EQ Solutions All Surface Wash and love it. My equipment has never looked better. A friend has and AKC dog kennel and was preparing for an inspection so we used it to clean the kennel rooms. Not only was it easy to use, it washed away crud that normally had to be scrubbed for sometime and everything looked like brand new."
--Wendy B. Shelby, OH

"I love your EQ Body Wash and use is frequently. My horse's coats have never looked better! I also use All Surface Wash on my blankets, and trailer. It's made my life so much easier! EQ Solutions beats every other product on the market by miles. How the product performs speaks for itself."
--Jolyn C. Elsie, MI

"This is the best product that I have every used. In Arizona it is very dusty and this is the only product that I have found that keeps the horses looking good. On top of looking good, their coats stay soft for a long time."
--Jeanette N. Maricopa, AZ

"I have a Paint gelding with 4 high white socks that I used to have to scrub and scrub to get white. Gone are the days of back breaking scrubbing. I just spray on the EQ Solutions body wash and let it set while I do the rest of his body and then hose away the dirt. And WOW! I reapply and let dry and it helps to keep his legs white during the show. Thank you EQ Solutions for giving me a solution so that I don't have to scrub those 4 white socks!"
--Sue D. Phoenix, AZ

"I've been disabled for about 5 yrs now, which affects my right hand, arm, and shoulder. We have looked everywhere for a tool that would be helpful to me, and make my life easier. EQ Solutions IS IT... The hose attachment and swivel have made washing my horses a breeze. And the product works better then anything else on the market. Rather than having to scrub and scrub the dirt and grime away, I just attach it to the hose, make a sweep or two over my horses entire body and I'm all done. Thank you so very much for coming up with such a wonderful product that is so user friendly. You've made washing my animals a dream come true...."
--Kristen M. A. Deshler, OH

"I have been using this product for a while. I love what it does for my horse. It makes it simple and does a great job."
--Ann E. Graham, WA

"I have been using your product on my horses for several months now and just love the results. They actually glisten after their bath."
--Linda W. Vero Beach, FL

"I used your EQ Solutions product on our Chester White Hogs and it worked great! It made our white hogs whiter and made them stand out and win! Great Product, keep up the good work.
--John K. South Coffeyville, OK

"I first got to know your product at the Pomona, CA Equine Affair. I have to say I was very concerned that the horse wash couldn't produce that proper scrubbed to show ring shine for my show horses. WOW was I amazed, and I stayed much dryer than I did scrubbing. It is the down right easiest way to clean up a yearling, too! I am converted! No more buckets of suds for me!!! Thank you! Not only do I save many dollars on shampoos, I save time in my preparations! Thank you, Thank you!"
--Chelsey F. La Crescenta, CA

"We saw a demonstration at the NBHA Super Show in Oklahoma and fell in love with EQ. My horses actually look forward to getting washed now. Love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks."
--Kathy M. Big Rapids, MI

"I purchased the complete set of your products (Body Wash, All Surface Wash, and Truck & Trailer Wash) three years ago at Mule Days in Bishop, CA. Since then I have been using the products to clean everything that you could imagine. I belong to our Sheriff's Posse which rides in 10-15 parades a year and have received great comments from the judges for the cleanliness of my horse and tack--due to EQ. Thank you for such a great product, I recommend it to everyone that I talk to."
--Jim E. Sonora, CA

"I was introduced to EQt at a barrel race in Texas. One of your distributors was offering free baths for contestants. I have a black & white paint that seems to always be dirty, I thought why not, it is a free bath. Little did I know how impressed I would be. Wow! EQ Solutions worked wonders. My horse came out feeling very soft and looking very white."
--Kelly M. Wapella, IL

"I recently went to the Utah State Fair to show my 2 year old Foxtrotter filly. When I got the the show grounds, I had forgotten everything needed to wash my filly. A generous competitor offered to wash my filly with her EQ Solutions system. WOW! I was truly amazed at how easy and fast this was. My filly was ready to go within 45 minutes. She was sparkling clean and we wend into the class of 14 and WON!!! I went home and immediately purchased my own EQ Solution system and now I take it everywhere and share with anyone. Thank you EQ Solutions."
--Leslie L. Bluebell, UT

"I tried EQ Solutions body wash a couple of months ago. It cleared up rain rot and made my horses hair coats softer and healthier. I now use it on a regular basis. I find I use less mane and tail conditioner and detangler. So EQ Solutions body wash is saving me money and I spend a lot less time grooming. Thank you EQ Solutions"
--Glen H. Russellville, AL

"Ever try to keep a hog white? We use EQ Solutions on our show pigs and people always ask, how do you keep your pig so white? I have bought every high dollar product made and EQ Solutions does the best job."
--C.L.S. Cleveland, OK

"My first ecperience with EQ Solutions was at the Wahamaker/CMSA World Championships in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was so impressed with my horses ccoat, mane and tail that I perchased 2.5 gallons. That was November, 2005. Well we are now into 2009 and I still have some of the product. I love letting my EQ Solution with the power nozzle do the hard work of keeping my horses wonderfully clean and soft. Thank you for making my life a little easier. All of my friends that I've introduced to the product like it too."
--Juanita Brown Angels Camp, CA

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