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General Questions
  1. What makes our product work?
  2. What is the advantage of plant based products?
  3. What is the correct use of, "Biodegradable"?

What makes our product work?
What are the ingredients? All of EQ Solutions products are surfactants made from plant seed esters. The specific plants used are proprietary information. What is a plant seed ester? An ester is the name given to common fats and oils which are mixtures of various esters, such as stearin, palmitin etc. These raw materials are treated (Ethoxylated) to produce cleansers that are mild and effective. What is surfactant? A Surfactant is a surface active agent. How do surfactants work? A surfactant has a Hydrophobic (water hating) part and a Hydrophilic (water loving) part. This makes it possible to be soluble in water (hydrophilic) and also soluble in fats and oils (hydrophobic). So when dissolved in water it will also attract fats and oils to form an emulsion that can be washed away. Thus, a good surfactant will emulsify and dissolve all types of substrate (dirt and grime) and allow it to be removed by rinsing.

What is the advantage of plant based products?
All natural ingredients.
Environmentally friendly.
Readily Biodegradable.

What is the correct use of, "Biodegradable"?
Biodegradation is essentially the effect of microorganisms on a substance to break that substance down (eventually) to CO2 and water. Various stages in this process are important because the environmental fate of the substrate is the key factor. Biodegradation should effectively eliminate the substrate from persisting in the environment. Things like salt and sulfate are not biodegradable. Things like surfactants are biodegradable.

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