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EQ Body Wash is an all natural, foam on, readily biodegradable wash for horses and other domestic animals.

EQ Body Wash:

  • requires no scrubbing,
  • will not dry out skin,
  • will not burn eyes,
  • uses an antibacterial formula, and
  • helps prevent fungus, girth itch, rain rot, and scratches.

EQ Body Wash is veterinarian approved and pH balanced! The pH is neutral (6.5 pH), similar to the skin of most animals, which reduces the risk of skin irritation, damage to hair, and other reactions. Competitor products with non-neutral pH may cause significant irritation, dryness of skin, and many other skin and hair problems.

EQ Body Wash is designed to be dispensed through the EQ Foaming Tool. Simply pour the Body Wash into the applicator, attach to a hose and foam the solution all over the animal leaving it to dwell for a few minutes. Once complete, detach the spray nozzle and rinse. Finally, refoam and let dry.

  1. Apply Foam
  2. Rinse Thoroughly
  3. Reapply & Let Dry

EQ Body Wash is an Easy & Quick way to thoroughly clean your animal. By reapplying the foam to the animal and allowing it to dry without rinsing, the hair and skin will not only be softened and properly moisturized but the food sources for bacteria and pests will be removed, making your animal healthier!

EQ Solutions Body Wash is available in three convenient sizes: 32 oz. foamer, 100 oz., and 5 gallon.

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For more information see Frequently Asked Questions.

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