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EQ Solutions Foaming Tool

The EQ Solutions Foaming Tool accurately mixes and sprays all EQ Solutions Foaming products. Manufactured to industrial standards, the EQ Solutions foaming tool features a quick release rinsing nozzle which attaches to any garden hose. All you do is pour the product full strength into the foamer bottle, attach the spray nozzle, turn the water on and apply.

The applicator controls the dilution for you and dispenses the product as a foam so it remains on the surface longer allowing it time to work. It is the key to a more effective wash and is a proven TIME SAVER!

Once applied, simply detach the nozzle from the foamer bottle and rinse until the water runs clean.

EQ Solutions Wall Unit

If you have a lot of horses, equipment and tack to wash this unit is the best solution for you!

The EQ Solutions Wall Unit automatically dilutes and dispenses all EQ Solutions products. It's simple! Activate the water flow, select a function (foam or rinse), and you're in business.

Some features include:

  • Specially designed eductors that require less water to operate thereby delivering better performance,
  • Full flow rinse function for easy & quick rinsing.
  • Molded components that are resistant to hard water deposits.
  • Integrated hose rack that eliminates the need for a separate costly hose hanger.
  • Easily understandable icons replace words to allow proper use by all workers, regardless of language.

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For more information see Frequently Asked Questions.

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