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EQ All Surface Wash is an all natural, foam on, readily biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner for all your equipment including saddle pads, sheets, blankets, splint boots, cinches, brushes as well as your barns, stall floors and trailer interiors. EQ Solutions All Surface Wash:
  • cleans, conditions & protects,
  • lifts dirt & grime to the surface, and
  • protects against dirt buildup.

EQ All Surface Wash foaming action is designed to deeply penetrate into all of the hard to clean areas of your tack and equipment. When foamed on and lightly scrubbed with a brush or towel, it will lift dirt, grime, and foreign substances to the surface allowing the rinsing process to thoroughly clean the item. When used regularly, All Surface Wash will help prevent dirt and grime from sticking to or building up on surfaces.

EQ All Surface Wash is designed to be dispensed through the EQ Foaming Tool. Simply pour the All Surface Wash into the applicator, attach to a hose and foam the solution all over the item, lightly scrub, and allow to dwell for a few minutes. Once complete, detach the spray nozzle and rinse thoroughly.

  1. Apply Foam
  2. Lightly Scrub
  3. Rinse Thoroughly

EQ All Surface Wash can also be used to clean items that need to be soaked such as splint boots, halters, cinches/girths, and sheets). Let items soak as needed before lightly scrubbing, then rinse completely and hang to dry. Whether foaming or soaking you will see new life in your tack and equipment!

EQ Solutions All Surface Wash is available in three convenient sizes: 32 oz. foamer, 100 oz., and 5 gallon.

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For more information see Frequently Asked Questions.

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